How To Become A Successful Blogger

Starting a blog is not a very hard work. It’s very easy now days. Just few clicks and you find that your blog is successfully created and all you have to do is writing articles and hit the publish button.

That’s very easy.

So, what’s the hard work in blogging? Hard work is successfully running that blog. Means what will you do with a blog which nobody reads. You need readers for your blog, who regularly reads your blog and give their important feedback. Here I am sharing some tips which will help you to become a successful blogger.

How To Become Successful Blogger

Increase engagement of your readers with your blog

Readers comes to your blog, read your article and then close their browser’s tab.

In above sentence, the first two things are what you need, but a professional blogger doesn’t like the third thing i.e. “Closing of browser’s tab” means disengagement of your reader from your blog. Do something so that when a reader visits your blog, after reading a blog he doesn’t go away, instead he go and start reading to any other article of your blog and so on. This is the “engagement theory” of blogging. You can achieve this by using inbound links to your other articles in your blog post. So when you write a blog post, use much more links to your other related contents. You can see here on this blog I use near about 5 to 10 links to other related contents of this blog in my blog posts.

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Post contents related to specific niche

Try to post contents related to your blog’s niche. Covering more niche in a single blog will not help you much. I have been doing blogging for last seven years. My experience was that if you post contents related to specific niche it will boost your traffic and readers base. In my first year of blogging I used to post articles related to different niche and that didn’t help me a lot, instead it took away many of my blog’s reader. The theory behind this is that you could be interested in different niche but that doesn’t mean that your readers are also interested. And when they receive newsletter unrelated to their interests they will unsubscribe. Better approach is setup different blogs related to other niche and post content according to their niche.

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Regularly Write New Posts

Being consistent is very important in blogging. Make a “Blogging Plan” and decide a goal for number of posts in a day or week. For a new blog you should write at least 5 blog posts a week. Decide according to your blog niche and your availability. Do not write post just for filling your blog with random content that feels like “oh ! I have to write this amount of blog posts this week” and end up with garbage content. That will hurt your reputation as well as your blog’s SEO. This can decrease your reader base. So always write content for people, not for search engines. Write content that is helpful to others and write regularly.

Always Update your Old Blog Posts

Evergreen content is what search engines love. Try to always update your old blog posts and refresh them with new stuff regularly. As your content become older they lost their importance because technology is changing very fast. If a reader comes to your blog and finds that content is old is no more useful, he / she will instantly go away from your blog. So always update you old outdated articles.

Use Backlinks

If you are blogger or content writer, then you must be reading other blogs and content to know what is going on all around or in your niche. Reading other blogs, there are many cases when you found any blog post content very useful and well written.

Now when next time when you write something related with that idea, it’s good to give a backlink to that blog post. This will build a strong impression on your reader as he will find useful contents from your blog.

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Write SEO articles

I know, you must be saying, “Dude, You just said, write content for people, not for search engine.”. Yes, I said that, and I will say it again, but here intention is that you primary objective is to write for people, but also take care that you content can also be understood by search engines.

From starting, write Search Engine Optimized articles. Writing SEO article makes your blog’s presence on the first page of search engine results. This makes more possibilities of getting clicked on search result pages. Only few users visits the third or fourth page of search result. Make proper use of heading tags like h1, h2 tags, long tail keywords.

Use Social Media

Today almost every person connected with internet uses social networking websites. Facebook and twitter are on the top of this list.Social media can be very helpful for driving lots of traffic to your website. Always share your new articles on these platforms. Also share your old articles on specific time interval like in 3 weeks or 4 weeks. Make use of social media plugins on your blog so that readers can share what they are reading.

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Following these tips will help you a lot in blogging carrier. There are lots of blogger out there and for success you have to stay focused on your goal. Stick your Blogging plan and have patience. Success takes time.

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