It happens with most people. I would say nearly 70%. I am talking about those people who struggle in blogging consistently. If you are one of them then don’t feel bad. You will get some really helpful tips in this article to overcome this problem. If you are not in […]

How to do Blogging Consistently

We all forget our password. That’s why on every web system, there is a forget password link available. WordPress is not an exception. So if we forget our password, and can’t sign in, then we can just use forget password link, and reset our password. Yes, it will send an […]

How to change WordPress Password manually from the database

YouTube videos are liked mostly by people to get entertainment, get the solutions easily. If you are YouTuber then you how much it is important to get attention of people to make your videos viewed by majority. And for that you need to do some marketing and promotion of your […]

Best ways to promote YouTube videos for high traffic

Things to do on blog post for huge traffic
As a blogger or content writer we know what it takes to create an awesome article on any topic. We invested our time, our creativity and then expressed our understanding and experience in words in that article. But after all this effort, if no one is reading that good article, […]

Things to do after new blog post to get huge ...

Best Strategies to increase Adsense Revenue
Google AdSense is one of the top advertisement programs for bloggers. Many bloggers use it as their primary monetization source for their blog. Are you using AdSense on your blog & want to increase your revenue. Here I am sharing some tips which will help you to increase your revenue. […]

Best Strategies to Increase Your AdSense Revenue

Competitive world, you must be always updated. That’s key of success in any field, and blogging not an exception. Knowing your competitors is very important. Have you ever thought how you can find that how much traffic your competitors website gets? Here I will show you. Traffic is very essential […]

Tools to See How Much Traffic a Website Gets

Google is the one of the top IT Company. AdSense and YouTube Both are the products of Google. AdSense is one the mostly used online advertising program and also it pays high to publishers. While with YouTube you can monetize your videos and earn money from them. But there is […]

YouTube Partner Vs AdSense : Which one is better and ...

Having your WordPress blog installed locally gives you tons of relief. It will save you a bunch of time if you regularly test or develop themes and plugins. You are free to do customization without fear of loosing anything because you blog is safe on server and you are just […]

How To Setup WordPress Blog Locally

WordPress have lots of plugins that do different jobs. These plugins makes your blogging super easy and take care of your blog performance while you concentrate on the contents. In that way they help you to only think about writing. Here i am sharing list of some of the best […]

Best WordPress Plugins For Your Blog

what Is Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing is the one of the best way to monetize your website content. In fact Affiliate Marketing could become the major source of your online income. I have seen many bloggers who make much more money just by using affiliate marketing. Much more money than Google AdSense or other […]

What Is Affiliate Marketing?