10 Free Ways To Increase Blog Traffic

Traffic is the most necessary thing for any blog. Without traffic your blog is nothing but useless website with useful contents. Traffic adds value in your blog. There are lots of ways to drive traffic to your website or blog. many of them are pay services. But we are not going to talk about the paid services here. There are many free ways to generate huge amount of traffic. Here is the top 10 free ways to generate blog traffic.

Write Great Content

I don’t know how many times i have listen and said “Content is the king”. This is the universal line for bloggers. Nothing will build your traffic better than great content. You need to consistently produce great content. When you put great content on your blog, this encourages visitors to share your posts on social sites like Facebook, Google+, twitter and so on.

Blog Commenting

Whenever you read any blog on internet, don’t forget to put comments. Commenting creates backlink to your website. Only write comment that relates to that blog post content you are commenting on. Don’t spam. If you comment irrelevant to the blog post or you do spam that will make negative image on that blog’s author and they will unapprove your comment. Blog commenting is not only for creating backlinks or traffic. It also makes friendly relationship in blogging community. So make sure you read that post first and then comment praising their effort on writing on that topic and if you have any suggestion, don’t forget to include them. That will work as a plus point for you.

Social Sharing

Share you post on social media platforms as much as you can. Social media platforms are the places where people spend most of their time and probably 90% of the people ( or maybe more) on planet have facebook and twitter apps installed on their smartphones. When you share your post on social network, people related with your account get notification, they read your post and then they share your post. There is a mantra ” More social share, More traffic”.

Use Quora and reddit

Quora is a place where people ask their questions and other people give answers. Subscribe to your related area on quora and whenever anyone will ask question to topic related to your interest, you will get notification or email. Give useful answer and if possible, put a link to a related post of your blog in your answer. Only answer when you know the answer, as there is upvote and downvote feature in quora. If your answer is correct and suggest a possible solution then other people will upvote. The more number of upvotes, your answer will be treated as more genuine answer, more people visit your blog via answer link.

Reddit guys say that it is “front face of internet”. And that is true because site has huge number of users. They post links of different blogs, asks questions. Subscribe to the subreddits related to your niche, and share your links and answer to the questions. The questions on quora and reddit also gives you idea on your next blog post.

Write free e-book

Ya, you listen right. providing a free e-book can increase your blog’s traffic. Write an e-book on any subject you like, then post it on your blog or amazon kindle for free download. Make sure you include the address of your blog on the first four pages of the e-book. Amazon shows the first for pages in preview and including your blog post on first four pages encourages the user to click on link and visit you blog.

Content Aggregators

These are the site that aggregates, or collects blog posts. They have a large readership. Getting your site (and posts) listed with a top content aggregator can send a flood of traffic. Consider aggregator sites like Alltop.com. By placing links to your content on these popular platforms, you can count on more traffic. They don’t accept just any site. While this is great for you when you are accepted, it can be hard to get accepted when your site is still new.

Guest Blogging

Many bloggers consider guest blogging as a source of traffic. I have never done guest blogging, but the bloggers who have done this, had said that this works. If you do this correctly, you will get huge traffic. First rule is only do guest blogging for a popular blog that have a nice traffic. After that write a great article and then email the blog owner for the request of guest blogging and the idea on which you have written the article. If that blogger accepts your praposal, your article will be on that popular blog and you will get huge traffic.

Create newsletter and do email marketing

Create a nice newsletter containing links to your popular blog posts. Send this news letter to those readers who likes to read stuffs related to your newsletter contents. For collecting the email, place a newsletter subscription on your blog and ask users to subscribe. You can use mail chimp plugin or jetpack plugin for that. Create newsletter carefully otherwise that will be treated as spam messages.

Use Long Tail Keywords

Keywords are still play important role in driving traffic to your blog. Long tail keywords are much more important as they cover many keywords. Use google keyword planner tool. This tool is available via Google Adwords where you can login for free.

Improve Your Blog Design

Use SEO optimized theme for your blog. Tweaking your site just a little can make huge differences to your traffic over time. Make sure you blog is mobile friendly. Responsive i.e. mobile friendly design is very essential for a website today because today web is access more and more from mobile devices. Even now google shows a message that website is mobile friendly. A responsive theme would work miracle for you blog on wide range of devices.

Using above suggested tricks can dramatically improve your website’s or blog’s traffic. If you have any suggestion please let us know via comments.

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