How to do Blogging Consistently

It happens with most people. I would say nearly 70%.

I am talking about those people who struggle in blogging consistently. If you are one of them then don’t feel bad. You will get some really helpful tips in this article to overcome this problem.

If you are not in those people, Congrats. Although, I think still you will get some tips which can even boost your consistency.

Write down the ideas as soon they struck your Brain

Yup. That’s the key. Many times, when we go on walk or listen songs during our free time, some great ideas come all of sudden from nowhere, we say: – “Wow, that seems nice. I will remember it for my future articles”. When you come back after one or two hours later, either you forget or you will forget what was that great idea.

Its best to write them down as soon as they struck you mind. That way they will go in your to-do list and eventually they will become great blog article in practical.

Always keep smart phones or writing pad with you.

Always keep blog articles in buffer

Here the idea is that you have always two or more blog articles in progress. This could be new blog article or updates in older articles. This strategy ensures your engagement in your blogging process, as you always have something in progress, as soon as you complete one article. This ensures consistency.

I have seen many people who write only one thing at a time, and when it completes, they think it’s time to take some rest. Soon that rest time becomes a break time and then they figure out that they have posted last article 4 weeks earlier. Always keeping blog articles in progress keeps you away from laziness.

Focus on one task at a time

I know, you would think that it’s not kind of hard and fast rule to focus one task at a time. You are capable of doing multiple things. But trying to do multiple things have some side effects:

  • Your creativity will lack its optimum capability
  • You may forget to write down some important things
  • It will take more time to complete
  • You may also lose interest in that work

That also applies when you write a blog.

It’s not like don’t listen to music when you write something. Here multitasking means when you have to share your thinking process in multiple things, then it will not be best output. Always put focus on your article writing only or related research when you are in process of writing your blog.

Optimize your social media time

Most of us today visits their favorite social media at least one or two times a day. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit etc. Its good thing to be connected. But spending time just scrolling through social media post soon becomes addition and you find that you have spent like two hours a day.


We all know that publishing articles regularly is important for any blog. Writing consistency is very necessary for that to achieve. I hope above mentioned steps would be beneficial for you. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section. Also let me know if you have any personal tips that you want to share with us.

Happy Blogging.

About Siddharth Mishra

Siddharth is a programmer, blogger and learner. He loves to read and write about programming, education, new technologies and financial stuffs. He loves to do new experiments and reading history books.

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