How to build Micro Niche Blog and Make More Earning

Blogging is the first thing which comes instantly when anyone thinks about making money online. Making a blog is very easy today. There are lots of options available today as free like Blogger, or selfhosted version of WordPress. Micro-niche blogs are for those bloggers who want to make money within a short period of time without huge amount of hard work. These blogs only contains up to 30 – 35 posts because they are related to just a specific topic and return passive income. And because these websites are dedicated to a specific topic, search engines rank them higher than other websites.

How to createMicro - Niche blog

Why build a micro-niche blog

Blogging is probably most popular thing on internet for online income. There are already gazillions of blogs out there on internet. Most of them are related to general ideas or niche. Those websites are already popular and have huge traffic. It’ll take months or years to a new blogger to compete with them. So here comes the idea of micro-nice in which blogger will work on a specific topic of a specific niche. Like for example if any popular website is about computer programming niche you can create a micro-niche website on an specific computer language(like Php, C#, etc) or technology(web programming, phone or iOS development).

Select Niche and Domain

To create a micro-niche website your first step is to select the niche that you are comfortable with. Also be sure that niche is demanding on the internet. Choose a niche that is popular in countries like USA and UK, because traffic from these countries gives you much more earning compared to other countries.

After you decided you niche, next step is to choose a good domain name for your blog. Make sure your domain name relates to your niche. For example, consider this blog as a micro niche blog and it’s niche as blogging. So i named it “”.

After working on good domain name ideas, search their availability. I use godaddy and they works fine for me. Search your domain name on and if you find one instantly buy it. Otherwise any other person can buy that domain before you do.

Research keywords for your micro-niche blog

Researching a keyword is very important process. If you want to rank high on search engines, you need to use mostly searched keywords with low competition. You can use Google’s keyword planner tool for searching good keywords for you blog.

Google Adwords keyword planner tool

Setup your local blog on your computer

I recommend before going on internet, setup your blog locally. If you are planning to use the free blogging platforms like, blogger or tumbler then you can skip this step. I recommend to use self hosted wordpress blog because this will be very beneficial for you. Setting up a local wordpress blog is very easy. Download xmapp and install it and then setup your blog. After setting up your blog write 10 – 15 article. As you are doing this locally you have freedom to experiment on different themes, writing pages and articles. When you feel that local blog is looking perfect as you want it to be, it’s time to move it on web servers so people can see it.

Setup your micro-niche blog

You can create you micro-niche blog in same way you create any other blog. You can use the free blogging options like blogger,, tumbler and many others. But I’ll suggest you not to go with these free solutions because they will become problematic in future. Instead of that use self hosted WordPress option. If you know how to set a WordPress website do it yourself or if you don’t know then find any professional for this work. Find a good reliable web hosting like bluehost or hostgator.

Use WordPress plugins

If you are using WordPress then you are blessed with thousands of plugins which will make your work really easy. I have listed some useful plugins to help your blog with SEO optimizations, span comments protection and making the blog fast. Here are the plugins list that you must have on your blog:

  • WordPress SEO by Yoast
  • W3 Total cache
  • Akismet
  • Jetpack
  • Google XML sitemap


This was the main things for which we were creating this micro-niche website. Isn’t it? But this should be your final step in the process. Once you website is in good shape it’s ready to be monetized. Many of us like to use AdSense on their newly created blog. You can use whatever monetization service you want like AdSense, VigLink etc or you can use affiliate marketing.

Final Thoughts

Ones you have created your micro-niche blog and loaded it with 10 or 12 articles, now it’s time to give yourself some rest . Watch how your hard work and planning is paying you back in the form of money. As your blog will grow with articles it will give you more traffic and earning.

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