YouTube Partner Vs AdSense : Which one is better and Why

Google is the one of the top IT Company. AdSense and YouTube Both are the products of Google. AdSense is one the mostly used online advertising program and also it pays high to publishers. While with YouTube you can monetize your videos and earn money from them. But there is big difference in the performance and earning in these two platforms. We have used both of them and here we are going to tell you what we got.

YouTube Partner Vs AdSense

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is mostly used advertising program for websites. It is very simple and easy to use. However getting approved to AdSense is not that easy. It can take 2 days or up to 6 months for getting approved for this program. Also in many cases they doesn’t approve depending on the contents and other design navigation problems of the website. We applied for AdSense for one of our website in 2014 and it took only 2 days. Good for us. Frankly even today the website we applied for doesn’t have large traffic. It is still suffering from low traffic disease. Our AdSense account was verified only in two days in November 2014. So we started getting earnings from December 2014. The total earning from AdSense (AdSense for Content) is today $2.83 only. Funny thing is that now website has stopped showing ads from this month because we haven’t verified the address yet. Thanks for mail delivery service of our area.

YouTube Partner program

YouTube Partner program you can monetize your channel and earn from your YouTube videos. Getting approved for YouTube Partner program is relatively easy as compared to Google AdSense. It takes only few hours (in many cases few minutes). I started a YouTube Channel in September (30 August) and joined the YouTube Partner program in mid-September. This YouTube Channel is only for online programming tutorials. We started getting paid from October 2014.Today we have near about 16 videos on that channel out of which only 9 are giving me earnings.

Here is the difference. YouTube earnings are much higher than AdSense. In first month i.e. October we got $0.48. And last month we got $2.58. So total earning till this day is $19.80 from YouTube. And that’s far better than AdSense.

Earnings Chart

Here is a chart which shows the earning of that YouTube channel.

Month No. of videos YouTube Earning Total YouTube Earning
    $0.15 $0.15
October, 2014 2 $0.48 $0.63
November, 2014 4 $0.98 $1.61
December, 2014 8 $1.02 $2.63
January, 2015 8 $0.79 $3.42
February, 2015 8 $0.72 $4.14
March, 2015 8 $1.80 $5.94
April, 2015 8 $2.82 $8.76
May, 2015 12 $1.56 $10.32
June, 2015 13 $3.15 $13.47
July, 2015 14 $3.75 $17.22
August, 2015 16 $2.58 $19.80


Here you can clearly see that YouTube earnings are far more than AdSense even the number of videos and views are small. While AdSense has stopped showing ads because of address verification problem, YouTube is still giving earning even it is connected with that AdSense account. You can easily compare $19.80 Vs $2.83.

This is the solo reason why I recommend newbies to online earnings to start their YouTube channel along with their blog. While your blog will establish and traffic will slowly grow, you will earn from your YouTube channel. One more option for starters is Affiliate Marketing. I will soon post case study on Affiliate marketing which I have added on that website last month and believe me affiliate marketing is giving me much more than YouTube.

If you have any questions or suggestions then please let us know via comments.

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