Best ways to promote YouTube videos for high traffic

YouTube videos are liked mostly by people to get entertainment, get the solutions easily. If you are YouTuber then you how much it is important to get attention of people to make your videos viewed by majority. And for that you need to do some marketing and promotion of your videos to get high traffic.

Attractive Title

First and most important rule, give your video a meaningful attractive title. It’s the title which drives the person to click on your video on YouTube search. Always try to make a title which represents the full gist of your video. Like if you are creating any beginner level educational video make sure you include related words like beginner, tutorial etc.

Do a proper keyword search for the video. See if there is already any other video on the same topic and borrow some ideas they have used, because they will be your competitors.

Don’t make lengthy titles. Keep them short and sharp for topic.

Custom thumbnail image

If you can, then always use custom designed thumbnails images for your videos. These images catches the viewer’s eyes and they tend to click on your video. Include keywords in the thumbnail, this is like creating advertising graphics for your video. This makes your video stand out in the queue of related videos or in search result.

For creating the thumbnail you can use your favourite image editor or Photoshop. I’ll recommend to use Canva, as i use it for my own designing. Always keep your thumbnail under 2 MB size, try to have┬áresolution of 1280 x 720 (minimum width 640 pixels) and 16:9 aspect ratio.

Using tags

Make sure you are using tags for your videos, and most important, you are using correct tags. I have seen many people use useless tags just to include lots of tags. This makes your video SEO bad. Use lots of tags, but always use correct tags.

Promote Your YouTube Videos And Get More Views

These are very essential steps to promote your video and drive lots of traffic to your channel, resulting in more subscribers.

If you find these steps helpful, then don’t hesitate in sharing it with your friends. “Sharing is caring“.

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