Hi Bloggers,

Welcome to blogithon.com. Blogithon.com is a blog on how to blog. This blog cover all the areas of professional blogging and serves as a blogging guide. If you are reading this page then you want to learn the magic of blogging.

This blog covers topics related to how to create blog, how to write useful and valuable contents, boosting your blog’s traffic, internet marketing and earning money from your blog if you want. Yes, earning from any valuable thing which helps other people is not a crime. Crime is when you earn form non-valuable things. 🙂

This website is an example of niche blog. Our niche is blogging and internet marketing.  In the beginning this blog was part of inopinion.org blog, which is a multi-niche blog. Those were the starting days of my blogging carrier and i was not aware of how professional blogging works. As soon as i learned more about professional blogging ( believe me, this took nice amount of time) i decided to isolate the articles on blogging and internet marketing from inopinion.org and created blogithon.com.

I hope this blog will help you in your blogging journey.


Siddharth Mishra